How a precept is calculated

The precept is divided by the taxbase (number of households) in the parish, district and county area eligible to pay Council Tax. It calculates the charge that each council charges the residents to carry out services.

The district council collects the Council Tax for all three local government bodies. It pays the amounts to the parish and county councils at the start of each financial year. District and county councils receive additional local government funding to provide community schemes. In contrast, a parish council only receives council tax funding.

The Precept for 2024/2025 was set at £58,578.50 and agreed by all councillors. 

This was agreed at the January 2024 meeting as the Parish Council have committed funds increasing grass cutting within the parish, enhancing the Cemetery and supporting a number of local festivals and events. 
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2024/2025 Budget Calculations 

Budget 2024/2025

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